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Most Powerful Visualisation

'A picture paints a thousand words.' This is a new category for this year, and focuses on how we can communicate insight through visualisation. Ideally just one visualisation, we are looking for entries that answer a fundraising question in a way that is clear, informative and compelling to non-technical observers.

Entries should demonstrate how a visualisation played a pivotal role in the development of a fundraising strategy or in informing successful fundraising execution. Please attach your visualisation and a full explanation of the chart as part of your entry.

May be entered by any IoF member fundraising organisation (in tandem with their supplier(s) where appropriate). The project's time span can be any time within the last three years.

Name of entering organisation(s):

Title of campaign / project / initiative:

Project start and finish dates:

Strengths of your entry:
Why should your entry win? Please provide the reasons why your visualisation sets you apart from the rest of the field (200 words max).

Objectives/background context:
Describe the circumstances in which your visualisation task came about. What were business drivers behind the chart? (200 words max).

What was smart about your approach to visualisation? Summarise the technique and thought process involved. What challenges did you encounter? (200 words max).

Results and insights:
Summarise the impact of the visualisation. How did your organisation react and how did it impact on your fundraising effectiveness? Please note that the provision of results is vital for the judging process and must be supplied. If you do not wish specific results to be published, please indicate this. However, please do consider providing measures that can be made public to explain why your project was successful, for example, by indexing etc. (300 words max).

Nomination Summary
Please provide an approved summary of your entry - this summary will be published in the awards ceremony programme if your entry is successful. (100 words max).

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The image file should be titled with the name of your organisation plus the name of the relevant award category.

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